28 July 2019

Community advised that blood shortage remains grave

Blood collections from donors are not keeping pace with transfusion needs of hospital patients. Our community is not alone. Nationwide other programs are facing similar shortages.

There is a real risk that by Wednesday we will not be able to meet all the orders for transfusion. We have two days to avoid a crisis.

We are urgently calling on the community to please help avoid this crisis by donating. There is no other option because there is no substitute for blood.

08 January 2019

UT Arlington to host community blood drive to save lives

With the new year comes a new calendar, new resolutions and new hope for health. The year also starts off with National Blood Donor Month – celebrated since 1970 when President Richard Nixon declared it a time to honor the contributions of volunteer blood donors throughout the country. When marking the 2019 calendar for holidays, birthdays and special events, consider marking the calendar for blood donation, too.

Carter BloodCare says blood donors can return as often as every 56 days. Additionally, blood types that are Rh negative (A-, B-, O-, AB-) occur less frequently in the population, so blood centers can run low on these types.