01 March 2021
Blood donors cite personal reasons for giving

Carter BloodCare says: Give to save Texas lives

Some people give blood for the ‘free swag,’ snacks or the break from a high school class or workday. Others donate the gift of life for the mini health assessment including blood pressure, pulse rate, and hemoglobin levels that are required in the pre-donation screening. Every blood donor with Carter BloodCare receives a free cholesterol check on each successful donation and will also receive a COVID-19 antibody test for a limited time during the pandemic. Donors can retrieve their antibody results within one to two weeks through a secure portal on the blood center’s web site. Many blood donors say they give blood because they know someone whose life was saved or sustained by a blood transfusion.

Carter BloodCare invites those who donate with a patient or loved one in mind to share those stories by emailing tellusyourstory@carterbloodcare.org. Sharing a personal story may just inspire others to give this March.