06 December 2013
Carter BloodCare calling on East Texans

East Texas donor centers open for business, others closed

Fast Facts

  • Carter BloodCare in East Texas is open for business.
  • East Texans urged to give blood and platelets.
  • Blood type O negative is at a less-than-preferred level.
  • If your center is closed, please reschedule your appointment.
  • Open donation centers are in Tyler, Longview, Marshall and Mount Pleasant.
  • East Texas donor center in Paris is the only one closed.


Carter BloodCare counting on East Texans’ lifesaving help

Inclement weather hampers blood collection operations

TYLER/LONGVIEW/MARSHALL, Texas (Dec. 6, 2013) – East Texas roadways appear to be more clear than most today and that is why Carter BloodCare is counting on residents to help out with blood collections. Whole blood donors, especially those with blood type O negative, are asked to please give blood at one of the following donation centers through the weekend: Tyler, Longview, Marshall or Mount Pleasant. Platelet donations are also in high demand because Carter BloodCare needs about 150 platelet donors every day to meet the needs of cancer and surgery patients. Impassable roads forced the community blood center to cease operations in 22 of its 26 donor centers today and the plea is out for the community minded folks in East Texas to come forward and make up some of the difference. You can visit carterbloodcare.org  , or call 1-800-366-2834 to schedule a visit today or within the next few days.

Meeting blood transfusion needs is about having the right blood type at the right time for the right patient. The variables are complex and giving blood often is the most reliable way to ensure there is an adequate and appropriate blood supply available. Highly technical medical care, as is available in East Texas, requires a blood center to keep up with the specific demands that doctors’ patients will require to regain their health or get the treatments they need. The blood on the shelves seldom exceeds a two- or three-day supply. Even one day of missed blood collections is measurable.

For more information on blood donation guidelines, visit carterbloodcare.org where you can also make an appointment for a future blood donation.


Linda Goelzer
Director of Public Relations
Carter BloodCare
817.412.5314/ cell 817.709.9103