12 March 2021
Carter BloodCare: Feel good, reduce stress by volunteering to donate blood

Blood drives urgently needed

Blood drives are urgently needed. So are donors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been taxing, emotionally, physically and psychologically. People young and old have felt the effects of isolation and a transition to social distancing, working and schooling from home, and a “new normal” that does not feel normal at all. There is a way to combat the sadness, isolation and stress resulting from the pandemic. Do a good deed for someone.

Studies show doing something good for others makes you feel better. Volunteering is the quickest way to lift spirits, and give back to the community. An easy way to volunteer one hour of time is to donate blood. Blood can only come from people who are willing to give it for others. Just one pint of donated blood will save three lives, and the feeling of doing something good – making a difference – can be a much-needed boost when spirits need lifting.