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15 June 2021

Masonic Lodge, Boys and Girls Club of Hill County urge eligible blood donors to give during chronically-severe shortage

The pandemic shutdown of schools, businesses and places of worship has dragged on 15 months. As masks are peeling off, the blood supply remains in dire straits across North, Central and East Texas. The shortage is described as the worst seen in 30 years by longtime blood banking professionals.

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15 June 2021

Summer, traditionally slow season for blood donations, has Carter BloodCare seeing worst collections crisis in decades

Blood is essential every day in hospitals, so much so, that its need is globally recognized each summer. Annually, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) June 14, to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products everywhere. During the month in which Texans celebrate safe blood and honor dads, Carter BloodCare applauds the volunteers who give with their blood to save others’ lives.

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Blood Drives

18th Annual “H-E-B Challenge” blood drive invites grocery shoppers to boost blood supply during urgent need

Carter BloodCare is counting on the employees of H-E-B stores in Central Texas to help encourage blood donation this summer, amid an urgent need. It is the 18th Annual “H-E-B Challenge” blood drive when the grocery chain prioritizes blood donation awareness. Summer is the season when blood donors are traditionally harder to find. Since the pandemic, Carter BloodCare and blood programs nationwide, have suffered the worst blood shortage in decades. Blood donors of all blood types are needed now and new blood donors are encouraged to give it a try.

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Urgent Appeal for Blood

Published on 08 March 2021

The deep freeze that brought Texas to a standstill in February continues to have a chilling impact on our community blood supply.

Record-breaking winter weather – along with loss of power, heat and water across the state – created an imperfect storm for selfless volunteers who give blood.

For four straight days, Carter BloodCare was unable to collect blood at blood drives or any of its donor centers.

Those four days – combined with the ongoing impact of the yearlong pandemic – have left the blood supply dangerously low. These natural emergencies do not change the fact that every day, patients’ lives depend on the availability of blood for transfusions.

In this video, Dr. Merlyn Sayers, president and CEO of Carter BloodCare, shares his personal appeal on the urgency of giving blood during this critical shortage.

Schedule to donate blood today. Schedule an appointment online at any of our 25 donor centers, or by calling/ texting 800-366-2834.

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