The correct spelling of our brand name is two words, not three, with a capital C on Care.

  •  Correct Example: Carter BloodCare
  •  Incorrect Examples: Carter Blood Care, Carterbloodcare, Carter Blood Center, Carter BloodCare Center

Avoid abbreviations of our brand name:

  • Carter, Carter Blood, Carterblood and CBC are all incorrect.

Refer to our web address in print or graphic treatments:

  • (no www)
  • (no www)

Avoid the use of a "red-cross-style" logo on Carter BloodCare news or advertising references. (The symbol is not universal for blood centers.)

  • Carter BloodCare’s logos, buses and blood bags have distinct looks. 
  • Other blood center logos and images are not acceptable when referencing news stories or advertisements about Carter BloodCare.
  • Video b-roll or file footage of other blood centers or blood drives, should not be substituted as ’generic’ footage for a story about Carter BloodCare.
  • B-roll file footage or photos of Carter BloodCare’s blood drives or other images, are not acceptable for use in stories that reference other blood programs.