12 January 2021

January is National Blood Donor Month

January, a period of critical blood shortages, is National Blood Donor Month. People tend to stop donating blood during the holidays and when they get sick during cold and flu season. Blood drives also get snowed out during the winter months. Carter BloodCare's volunteer donors are asked to make an appointment to give blood.

22 December 2020

Convalescent plasma orders by local hospitals show leveling trend

With hospital orders for CCP at levels rarely seen, Carter BloodCare provides regular updates for local, regional, national news teams to provide perspective on needs of local patients. Those that have survived COVID-19 are needed to donate convalescent plasma to save lives of patients that may not have other options for survival. It is safe to give blood and CCP, even in the midst of a pandemic. 

09 August 2018

Treating Sickle Cell Disease: Blood Transfusions Matter

  • Serious complications from sickle cell disease are often treated by performing a 'red cell exchange transfusion'
  • Healthy red blood cells replace almost all of the patient's sickled cells 
  • The healthy cells have a 120-day life span; sickle cells live only 30 to 60 days

19 September 2017

East Texas engaged couple issues 50-gallon wedding challenge: donate blood instead of gifts

TYLER, Texas (September 19, 2017) – When you meet bride-to-be Caitlin Campbell and her fiancé Lathan Pilcher, you can tell they think of others first. She is a radiology technician and he is a firefighter – both in helping professions. Carter BloodCare has an incredible pool of volunteer blood donors, some of whom have given gallons over their lifetime – saving hundreds of lives in the process.