26 July 2021

Give blood for 'Ol Glory

This July, Texans celebrate the red, white and blue. It is a time when families come together, young and old, to unite under fireworks and celebrate our nation’s independence. Carter BloodCare suggests one easy way to show unity: donate ‘some red’ as a tribute to Ol’ Glory.

15 June 2021

Summer, traditionally slow season for blood donations, has Carter BloodCare seeing worst collections crisis in decades

Blood is essential every day in hospitals, so much so, that its need is globally recognized each summer. Annually, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) June 14, to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products everywhere. During the month in which Texans celebrate safe blood and honor dads, Carter BloodCare applauds the volunteers who give with their blood to save others’ lives.

12 March 2021

Carter BloodCare: Feel good, reduce stress by volunteering to donate blood

The COVID-19 pandemic has been taxing, emotionally, physically and psychologically. People young and old have felt the effects of isolation and a transition to social distancing, working and schooling from home, and a “new normal” that does not feel normal at all. There is a way to combat the sadness, isolation and stress resulting from the pandemic. Do a good deed for someone. Host a blood drive or go to the closest donor center near you and give.

10 March 2021

A global milestone, an urgent community need

March 11, 2021 marks a grim milestone in health and human history, with the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of a global pandemic.

In the past 12 months, COVID-19 has altered the landscape of daily lives, from the ways we work and shop to interactions with friends, families and neighbors.

Throughout these challenges, one constant remains: the ongoing need for blood to save lives.

01 March 2021

Blood donors cite personal reasons for giving

Some people give blood for the ‘free swag,’ snacks or the break from a high school class or workday. Others donate the gift of life for the mini health assessment including blood pressure, pulse rate, and hemoglobin levels that are required in the pre-donation screening. Every blood donor with Carter BloodCare receives a free cholesterol check on each successful donation and will also receive a COVID-19 antibody test for a limited time during the pandemic. Donors can retrieve their antibody results within one to two weeks through a secure portal on the blood center’s web site. Many blood donors say they give blood because they know someone whose life was saved or sustained by a blood transfusion.

02 February 2021

February love note from hospital patients to their anonymous blood donors

In February, the season known for celebrating love, grateful patients say ‘I love you’ to their donors, without ever knowing who scheduled time in their day to help save their life.

12 January 2021

January is National Blood Donor Month

January, a period of critical blood shortages, is National Blood Donor Month. People tend to stop donating blood during the holidays and when they get sick during cold and flu season. Blood drives also get snowed out during the winter months. Carter BloodCare's volunteer donors are asked to make an appointment to give blood.

22 December 2020

Convalescent plasma orders by local hospitals show downward trend

While hospitals continue to order convalescent plasma (CCP) for local COVID-19 patients, Carter BloodCare has, for the past several weeks, shown a downward data trend for orders. Sadly, the trend now appears to be slightly rising again. These data, while lagging one to two weeks, provide added perspective on current patient CCP needs in the north, central and east Texas regions. COVID-19 "survivors" are still asked to donate CCP to save lives of patients that may not have other treatment options.

Carter BloodCare stresses that it is safe to give blood and CCP, even in the midst of a pandemic. 

09 August 2018

Treating Sickle Cell Disease: Blood Transfusions Matter

  • Serious complications from sickle cell disease are often treated by performing a 'red cell exchange transfusion'
  • Healthy red blood cells replace almost all of the patient's sickled cells 
  • The healthy cells have a 120-day life span; sickle cells live only 30 to 60 days

19 September 2017

East Texas engaged couple issues 50-gallon wedding challenge: donate blood instead of gifts

TYLER, Texas (September 19, 2017) – When you meet bride-to-be Caitlin Campbell and her fiancé Lathan Pilcher, you can tell they think of others first. She is a radiology technician and he is a firefighter – both in helping professions. Carter BloodCare has an incredible pool of volunteer blood donors, some of whom have given gallons over their lifetime – saving hundreds of lives in the process.